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DAT Controller Plus REMOTE Lightning Terminal (catalog)

Solar Panel

DAT Controller Plus REMOTE Lightning Terminal (catalog)

DAT CONTROLER PLUS may become a remote testable ESE air terminal at up to 100 m distance, when, at the customer's request, the air terminal comes with the AT-REMOTE TESTER device. AT-REMOTE TESTER continuously checks the state of the air terminal and emits a signal with the result. This verification will be done by authorized personnel using a specific analysis device.


  • Range: 100 metres.
  • Radiofrequency communication.
  • Totally autonomous system thanks to its solar panels. Certified resistance to extreme environmental conditions (salt mist test and humid sulphurous atmosphere treatment).
  • Certified withstand current:20 x 100 kA (10/350 μs).
  • Insulation above 95% according to IEC 60060-1