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Double Sided Polyester Tape

Solar Panel

PT 5115

Double Sided Polyester Tape is a double-sided adhesive tape consisng of a transparent polyester film and acrylic adhesive. The adhesive system is especially resistant to plascizers and offers a secure bond even at elevated temperatures. Reliable bond even to LSE substrates and can be immediately used right after assembly. Suitable for most demanding applicaons such as heavy stress, high temperatures or crical substrates.


  • Cut Size
  • Jumbo rolls


Clear with Red liner

Key Features

  • Mounng of ABS plasc parts in the car industry
  • Mounng of decorave profiles and moldings in the furniture industry
  • Self-adhesive mounng of rubber / EPDM profiles
  • Mounng of baery packs, lenses and touch-screens in electronic devices