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Solvent Double Sided Tissue Tape

Solar Panel

PT 5211

Solvent Double Sided Tissue Tape with an exceponally high tack solvent acrylic adhesive, is perfect for joining and bonding in the paper converng, print, automove, medical, packaging and other general industries. The carrier, being tissue, allows the tape to be flexible and pliable and is easily torn by hand. The prime use of Double sided tissue tapes is in paper & prinng industries. These tapes are made out of tissue paper with acrylic coang on both sides. Solvent based adhesives can be also used for coang on tissue papers. These tapes are specially designed so that it can sck two surfaces together such that it is not visible in the end product. The tapes are also called as easytorip double-sided tape which is then wound with a silicone paper to avoid it scking to itself.


  • Cut Size
  • Jumbo Roll


Clear with white or printed liner

Key Features

  • Usable for general and light duty bonding applicaons
  • Ideal for wrapping gifts and packages where the adhesive needs to be hidden
  • Suitable for wall mounng pictures or presentaons or bonding small or fragile parts
  • Used in shoe and leather industry, foam industry, postal service, decoraon, label and lot of other uses.